Provide high-quality communication equipment

Create greater value for clients.

There are nearly 60 employees in the company, among which R&D personnel accounts for more than 50%. The total office area is about 3,000 m2, including R&D, production, purification room, and testing

Strong R&D potential

With more 5G application scenarios, millimeter wave is the inevitable trend of frequency band expansion.

Council member of China Space-based Internet of Things

Chengdu Innovation Enterprise

Business Partner of China Mobile Innovation Center


Millimeter wave is the key technology of 5G deployment for the next step. MOIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) will soon issue the operators millimeter wave specific frequency band and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will also speed up commercial applications of millimeter wave. The domestic industrial chain related to millimeter wave is on the brink of the booming outbreak, and the market is expected to reach the scale of over 10-billion Yuan.


Coxsat is one of the few manufacturers in the world to provide double-data-stream and dual-polarized mm wave RF front-end component. Meanwhile it also has the capability to manufacture and test 5G mm wave AAU phased array antenna, and it has deployed satellite IoT phased array in advance to lay the solid foundation for the low earth orbit satellites and 6G era in future, benefiting domestic and foreign markets.


On October 19th 2020, China Mobile announced the bid-winning results of the millimeter wave small cells, and planned to carry out the millimeter wave typical scenario test in 2021. Coxsat is one of the two companies that won the bid to make the domestic prototype. Meanwhile Coxsat is also cooperating with China Unicom, China Tower, ZTE, Geely Group and Fiber Home Technologies.


Coxsat currently has 17 invention patents, including self-controllable millimeter-wave AIP RF front-end module technology and low-cost multilayer high-density PCB integration process technology, masters high-speed, high-precision vector rotation calibration algorithm. And next it is to commission the development of dedicated full integration multifunctional chip.


Coxsat has a technical team composed of top domestic millimeter wave phased array technology experts, covering chips, algorithms, software and systems. CEO has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry as a senior marketing director, and is good at company operations, corporate management and marketing, also has rich contacts in the industry.

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